Ultrasound and Imaging

For links for parents, click here

Age Adjusted Ultrasound Risk Assessment for Down Syndrome (physicians, sonographers only)

History of Diagnostic Ultrasound Related to Obstetrics and Gynecology

The Fetus Net  Important web site devoted to prenatal ultrasound, fetal anomalies, and birth defects

Fetal anomalies includes normal anatomy and biometry

Fetal Screening.com

Joseph Woo's site good explanation of ultrasound with many links

3-D Ultrasound Group UC San Diego

3-D Cyber nice real time 3 D on opening page and excellent gallery of images

3-D Ultrasound (French)

3-D Ultrasound (U.K.)

3D Images courtesy of Dr. Benoit

3D Ultrasound in Obstetrics, by Dr. Benoit

Ultrasound Links

Ultrasound WWW links

Ultrasound and biometry (Creighton University)

Ultrasound of early pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy (Creighton University)

Ultrasound and other assessment of fetal well being (Creighton University)

Ultrasound screening, First Trimester FASTER Study

Genetics and other Resources

For genetic syndromes, conditions and anomalies, go here

DNA from the beginning- an online educational site about DNA and genes

DNA (Single gene) analysis

Frontiers in Fetal Health (Fetal Centre) Great newsletter and information source

Genetics very useful site from the CDC
Genetic Glossary   an illustrated glossary of terms and procedures
Genetics, A primer excellent review from Department of Energy

Gene testing- excellent historical review and description of current tests

GeneTests:  A Searchable List of Genetic Clinics. Laboratories and Genetic Tests  provides information
on genetics clinics, genetic counseling services and genetic testing laboratories

Genetic societies and searchable database

Genetic Related Terms Technical terms and definitions

Genetic history- development of molecular genetics

Genetic Testing, Advisory Committee (UK)  excellent discussion

Genetics Resources at Washington University
Genetic Counseling

International Nomenclature of Constitutional Disorders of Bone

lnfection (Fetal)  ACOG Bulletin

NCBI National Center for Biotechnology Information human genome mapping

National Human Genome Research Institute

Teratology centers
Pest Control Safety for Expectant Mothers

Invasive Tests, Fetal Surgery & Treatment Centers

Chorionic villus sampling

FISH testing

FISH testing development and current role

Fetal Surgery

Childrens Hospital of Pennsylvania Director Scott Adzick

Fetal Treatment Center at UC San Francisco Directors Michael Harrison and Roy Filly

The Florida Institute for Diagnosis and Therapy Director Ruben Quintero

Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy at Vanderbilt Director Joseph Bruner